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What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?


Our Mission Statement

Our District schools will provide a positive environment which promotes better learning, a strong self-esteem, develop capable and responsible students, and nurture creative thinking. The chief purpose of this school is to help students develop the necessary intellectual skills to participate in a democratic society.

100 Days Smarter!

Piute students celebrate the 100th day of school.

Kern 4 Science Visits Piute Mountain Elementary

The students were taught about electricity with several hands on activities! Thank you Jan, Chevron and KCSOS for providing our students with this wonderful opportunity!

Immunization Report

  • Caliente Union School District has no reported cases of measles
  • Parents/guardians can feel confident sending their children to Piute Mountain School
  • Caliente Union School District has a 98% measles vaccine rate which significantly reduces risk of Measles for all students
  • The District is in the process of providing outreach, vaccine referrals and support to students without immunizations

Persons born before 1957 may have protection from past infection with measles.  Those between 30 – 56 years of age represent over 60 % of the current measles cases.  The Kern County Public Health Services Department recommends that adults who have not had measles disease have a total of two measles containing vaccine.

For more information about the measles, please visit or

Additionally, you may contact the Kern County Public Health Services Department (661) 321-3000 for further information.

Students look forward to visiting the Book Mobile weekly

Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

The LCAP is a critical part of the new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). Each school district must engage parents, educators, employees and the community to establish these plans. The plans will describe the school district’s overall vision for students, annual goals and specific actions the district will take to achieve the vision and goals. Read about important new ways for parents to engage in decision making.

The LCAP is available to view online or download in .pdf format.

Find out more about the Common Core State Standards

This three-minute video explains how the Common Core State Standards will help students achieve at high levels and help them learn what they need to know to get to graduation and beyond. Click here to view.

Download and Review the California Common Core State Standards:

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress - CAASPP

Piute Mountain School, along with thousands of schools across California, are participating in a field test of a modern assessment system designed to help shape teaching and learning in the classroom. Known as the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress – CAASPP – these computer-based tests replace the STAR program. Read the Smarter Balance Parent Letter 03.19.2014

The Single Plan for Student Achievement - May 1, 2014

The Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) is a plan of actions to raise the academic performance of all students to the level of performance goals established under the California Academic Performance Index. Download in pdf format.

Uniform Complaint

California State Standards

Read or download curriculum standards.

2014-2015 School Calendar available online
Download the CUSD 2013-2014 Calendar


School Delay / Snow Policy:
In the event there is a snow delay or a 2 hour delay, the following will be the procedure

1. Bakersfield Broadcasting System (radio and television) will have the information for the district between 6:00 and 8:00 am.

2. A 2 hour delay may be changed to "School Closed" if conditions do not improve.  Keep the radio or television on for further updates.  For this reason, students may not be dropped off at the school until 10:00 am.

3. If telephones are working, every effort will be made to have the Online School System call you.  Often the Online School System will encounter "no answer", and answering machine, busy signal for extended periods, phone numbers no longer working, no phone, or have requested the district office not release your telephone number.  Please be aware that the phone number that the computer-generated Online School System message uses will not look familiar.  Whenever inclement weather makes you doubt if school will be held, call your student's school, or the district office and listen to the radio.

4. At times bad weather sets in rapidly and it will be necessary to send students home early.  Every effort will be made to provide bus transportation.  In the case that it isn't safe to transport by bus, your student must be picked up.  The district office and the Online School System will be calling with that information.  Practice with your child what they are to do if the office cannot contact you, and let your child's school know your procedure.

5. At times there will be school, but NO BUS service due to weather conditions.  This decision must be made 1 1/2 hours before school, and conditions could change enough to allow school to be held, but too late to make a bus run.

6. Even if your student walks to school, please keep in mind that the teachers and staff members must be able to arrive safely to school.  The district has both the student's and the staff's safety to consider.

Reminder about Students with Fevers
We want to insure all students are healthy at school.  Please remember that if your student is sent home with a fever or your student had a fever, please do not send them back to school until "they no longer have a fever or signs of a fever without the use of fever-reducing medications (any medicine that contains ibuprofen or acetaminophen)".  They must be 24 hours "fever free".  Also, if your student is out for more than three days with an illness, please send in a doctor's note explaining why student is not able to attend school.  Please contact the office any time your student is absent.  If the District does not hear from you, your child will be marked truant.

News & Events

Important Information

Caliente Union School District Annual Accounting of School Facilities Fees. Caliente Union School District has made the Annual Accounting of School Facilities Fees available for public inspection on December 16, 2014. The Annual Accounting is available during normal working hours at the District Office at 12400 Caliente Creek Road, Caliente CA 93518. The Board of Trustees will consider the approval of these fees at the next regularly scheduled meeting on January 13, 2014.

2014-15 Education Protection Account Program
Download and read Resource Report (pdf)

Piute Mountain School has water levels of Fluoride above the Drinking Water Standard. Although this is not an emergency, you have a right to know what you should do, what happened, and what we are doing to correct this situation. Download and read the full report (pdf).

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Piute Mountain School Visits Murray Family Farm









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We have recently added a link for U-PLANit to our links bar on the left hand side of our page! U-PLANit is a site to help you check out colleges, watch career videos, find out how much it really costs to live on your own, and more. Check it out today and start planning for your (or your kids') future!
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PTC News

Upcoming PTC Meeting TBD

Ready to Get Involved?
Volunteer Opportunities

Any question? Contact our PTC President @ 867-2301
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Employment Opportunities

The Caliente Union School District currently does not have open positions for the 2014 - 2015 School Year. Applications are always accepted. For information on current job openings, please call the district office @ 661 867-2301.

Using the Employment Tab at left you may access a certificated
employment application or you may call the District office
at 661 867-2301 to request an application.

You may mail your resume' to
12400 Caliente Creek Road, Caliente, CA 93518
or fax to 661 867-6902.
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